Automotive Consultancy

Automotive Analysis

Two decades of experience

Redspy has huge experience in consulting to the car industry, specialising in the fields of:

  • Product planning and market analysis, including business plans for new models
  • Technology sourcing, especially for BEV and CAV
  • Grant funding advice and bid writing

    Since 2014, Redspy has worked for the UK Government to help strengthen the UK car industry. As part of that agreement, Redspy is now not allowed to talk to the media, but a couple of links from earlier years will demonstrate Redspy's knowledge of the industry


    Bloomberg interview, 2011: The forecasts for the future were that "One Ford" was high-risk, and Fiat faced the deepest strategic problems in Europe.
    AM Conference, 2011: Discussing the nature of premium brands and the fact that, contrary to popular belief, the rise of the premium tide did not float all boats.
    AM article 2014: What counts as a "mainstream" car manufacturer in a world of fragmenting segments?
    AM article 2014: The future of UK powertrain manufacturing.

  • Product Planning

    Product Planning

    Redspy has worked on projects for many major car companies including:

    • Hyundai (UK)
    • Volvo (Sweden)
    • Volvo (UK)
      • Citroen (UK)
      • Audi (UK)
      • Skoda (UK)


      Redspy also wrote the full business plan for a new overseas OEM in 2020, covering market analysis, product planning/positioning and sales volume forecast by territory. Redspy also introduced the OEM to many of their major UK suppliers.

      Redspy is also used by agencies who are pitching for business from car manufacturers. We are asked to help identify the key issues facing both manufacturers and specific models, in order that agencies can deepen their understanding.

      Technology Sourcing

      Technology Sourcing

      Redspy has close links with all the major automotive research and funding organisations in the UK. It also has a very wide knowledge of specialist UK engineering companies developing every part of the BEV powertrain. Overseas companies have used this network to find UK technology partners, and UK specialist companies have used it to find overseas customers. A recent example is an emerging UK manufacturer of EV traction motors who Jay Nagley, MD of Redspy, introduced to an Asian company that will start manufacturing the motors under licence in 2022.

      Grant Funding

      Grant Funding

      Redspy has extensive experience of advising on, and then writing, bids to access UK government funding. In 2021, it wrote its biggest bid yet, which resulted in a successful grant application of over £12 million for the development of new technology for an EV powertrain.


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